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Photographs of Meaning Workshop

The Photographs of Meaning group is designed to provide a space for young adult cancer survivors to share their cancer stories through the use of photography. Each week, you can share photographs that you have taken with your phone or camera and tell a brief story about what the photograph means to you. All levels of photography are welcomed. 

How does it work? The photography group will include 8-weekly (1.5 hour) group meetings (on Zoom) in which you and up to 9 other young adults, will share a couple of photographs that you have taken and a brief description of how these photographs relate to the theme for the week. Some examples of themes are: “Who Am I”; “What Matters Most”; “Coping with Bad Days”; and “Living Life to the Fullest”. After the end of the 8 weeks, you have the option to participate in a photo exhibit where group members will display their photos and raise awareness about their experiences as a young adult with cancer.

Cactus Cancer Society is partnering with two oncology social workers to lead this group. Jen Currin-McCulloch, is an assistant professor at Colorado State University and Danielle Pederson is an assistant professor at University of Saint Francis.


Thu, Sep 8, 2022
- Thu, Oct 27, 2022