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Write Now With Jean Rowe

Jean Rowe is a licensed clinical social worker whose background includes over 15 years in the oncology space, primarily working with young adults affected by breast cancer.  At Cactus Cancer Society, she serves as guest faculty of several programs as a Certified Journal Therapist.  Jean’s original programs include themes around reclaiming intimacy after cancer, addressing burnout and compassion fatigue, journal drop-ins to temper the triggers of everyday life and coping through the holidays. Grounded in all of them is the importance of self-care. She is honored to work with Cactus Cancer Society and all whom they serve. You can connect with Jean here or at

Write Now With Jean Rowe is a monthly blog initative. Nothing in this program constitutes psychotherapy, nor does it establish a therapist-client relationship.

Write Now With Jean Rowe: Choice

It’s Summer and connecting with one another is more open because we can comfortably meet up outside. How we experience any of these aspects of the season is up to us. Choice bubbles to the surface.
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Write Now With Jean Rowe: Remember

In the Sunday Reset, we wrote about “Remember that time when,” and the sharing was rich. It included being connected to cancer journeys while also transcending them. Why is this important?
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Write Now With Jean Rowe: A Second Helping

Self-care does not have to be a big ticket item draining our bank accounts or our precious energy. We can keep it simple. What is your wise intuition telling you? What do you need? At this moment, just for today?
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Write Now With Jean Rowe: Help

It is not uncommon to wonder how we can make a difference when Big Things are happening. We can, though, make a difference even in the smallest of ways. We might start with our own self-care. Are we getting enough rest? Have we connected even virtually with loved ones to make sure we’re connecting? Do we need a snack?
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Write Now With Jean Rowe: Are You My Therapist?

A special post where Jean Rowe weighs in on what might be helpful guidance in finding a therapist.
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Write Now With Jean Rowe: Wonder

What if, when the snow arrives, we invite the wonder of a child?
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Write Now With Jean Rowe: A Fruitful Darkness

Some use times like the Solstice to release. Why not try making a list for all that went well this year, a list of accomplishments?
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Come Write Now with Jean Rowe this month as she explores Everyday Saints. Who are the saints in your life? Who might say the same of you?
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Write Now With Jean Rowe: Pumpkins

Three prompts from Jean Rowe exploring prosperity, growth, and abundance. Come and Write Now With Jean Rowe this month!
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