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10 Life Lessons Learned From Running

life lessons learned from running

Life lessons show up in the most unlikely places.  These are the 10 life lessons I have learned from running…

1.  drink water
Being hydrated just makes your whole day that much better and more manageable, running or no running.  Seriously!  I carry around a liter nalgene water bottle with me at all times.  My goal is to drink at least two of the full bottles each day.

2.  if you eat a doughnut for breakfast, eat something healthy for lunch

Ever try and do something active after only consuming carbs, fat, and sugar for breakfast?  Yea, it doesn’t go well.  Still, I didn’t used to eat doughnuts until after I was diagnosed with cancer and now they are one of my favorite Saturday morning treats.  And since everything is better in moderation, I balance out a morning of sugary wonder with a healthy and balanced lunch.  Know what is an easy and healthy balance to a morning of sweets?  Green smoothies!

3.  some days are good and some days aren’t

Some days you’re going to wake up on the wrong side of the bed for no reason, and some days life will be smooth sailing.  This is how it goes in running and in life.  Be kind to yourself on the off days…tomorrow will be much better.

4.  some things in life hurt and some things in life don’t

Running is tough, no doubt about it.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  Living through cancer treatments and into survivorship is hard too.  Sometimes life will be easy and sometimes it won’t be.  You can do it though…and we can help whenever you need it.

5.  if it is raining, wear rain gear.  If it is sunny, wear sunscreen

Preparing for what lies ahead is always a good plan.  In running this means planning for the weather and condition where you’ll be hitting the pavement or the trail…in life, this means figuring out what you need and trying to plan ahead to take care of yourself.  Ask for help, remember sunscreen, and be nice to yourself.

6.  drink water

I cannot repeat this enough…it could seriously be all ten tips.  As my mother used to say, Fluids are our friends.

7.  take a buddy

Everything is better with a friend.  Whether you’re out exercising or heading to chemo, take a companion to help ease the load.

8.  it’s always fun to go outside

Being in the outdoors just tends to reset all of my stresses.  Do you have a place that does this for you?  Get some fresh air every once in a while and life will feel so much better.

9.  sometimes a shower solves everything

I grew up a dedicated swimmer.  Ever since then, water has always been a place of peace and calm for me.  Whenever I feel in a funk, if a pool isn’t nearby, I take a shower.  It’s the perfect reset button.

10.  start with a brisk walk

Sometimes giving yourself permission to take it slow, fixes everything.  Stressing about going out for that run?  Taking that meeting?  Heading to chemo?  Start with a brisk walk, or by taking a shower, or by packing your chemo bag.  Little steps to get you to your final destination go a long way.

P.S.  Life lessons learned from my dogs