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Community Gallery

Cactus Cancer Society is only as strong as our community…and our community is amazing.  Joining in Cactus Cancer Society programs brings you together with a tenacious group of young adults facing cancer.  They thrive in unlikely conditions, they face harsh realities, and they are also resilient, generous, and kind.  Learn more about our community, the art we make, and more.

Pieces from our Art Workshops

Featured Community Members

Meet Prickly Perry!

We love seeing all of your faces online – but we want to see what you’re up to offline, too!

Prickly Perry is a printable cactus image that you can take with you wherever you go whenever you want to bring some Cactus Cancer Society spirit with you!

Heading on a roadtrip and seeing Cactus Cancer Society friends along the way? Print Prickly Perry out and take photos! Going solo to a super cool place and want to represent Cactus Cancer Society? Celebrating your last round of chemo? Take your photo with Prickly Perry when you ring that bell! 

Flat Cactus

Have you participated in one of our programs?  Submit a photo of your finished art project or piece of writing so we can include it in our Community Gallery!  We can’t wait to see what you’ve created!