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90 Minute Reset

In the chaos of everyday life, we invite you to spend 90 minutes in a journaling workshop.


Each Art Workshop is designed to teach you the basics of an art form such as sketching, comics, painting, jewelry making, crafting, and more.

Ask A Cactus

Get to know the experts in our community as they answer your questions on the young adult cancer survivorship experience!

flamingos with entwined necks

Ask Dr. Anne Katz! Ever had a question about relationships or sex that you felt too shy to ask a nurse or doctor but really need the answer?

Begin Again

Start fresh on the first Monday of each month setting intentions and learning tools that bring presence and peace.

young adult cancer book club

Looking to read a good book (cancer or not cancer related) and connect with other young adult cancer survivors and caregivers at the same time?

Builders Workshop

Build your lego creations while hanging out with other young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.


In this program, we will combine our fun art workshop environment with our popular writing techniques from Unspoken Ink and give participants a chance to respond to prompts with what speaks to them most, either drawing or writing.


Start a creative marathon in support of Cactus Cancer Society’s programs for young adults facing cancer and engage your community for your DIY fundraiser.

Creative Coping Series

A cohort of young adults facing cancer attend a multi-week series of online creative coping workshops together!


The Focus Group offers a company or research group the opportunity to engage virtually with a group of 12-15 young adults facing cancer.

Guided Yoga Nidra

Angie Giallourakis (aka Mamma G) will be leading guided yoga nidra meditation classes. This is in partnership with Elephants and Tea!

Guys Discussion Group

In this guys-only program, we’ll shoot the breeze with other young adult cancer patients and survivors. Nothing is off the table.

holiday garland

A journaling workshop to help find peace during the holidays. Join Jean Rowe, LCSW, Certified Journal Therapist, for this holiday workshop.

glasses on a notebook

Here at Cactus Cancer Society, we’re always interested in amplifying the voices and experiences of young adults facing cancer, and making sure this population is represented in research. Check out these research opportunities to see how you can use your story to help others!


Join Jean Rowe, LCSW, OSW-C, CJT for a journaling workshop to explore ideas of choosing to live with humor, forgiveness, gratitude, and self-love.

Story Mapping

Combine the power of storytelling with the art of graphic representation and you've got Story Mapping, a workshop about empowering young adults at any stage of their cancer experience to find their voice, tell their story and thrive.

pexels-ekaterina-bolovtsova-4049459 left

Together, 25 young adults facing cancer, go through a multi-week online program experience where you’ll hit the highlights of our workshops!

Journal and Tea

Join us for a journaling workshop facilitated by Jean Rowe, LCSW, Certified Journal Therapist, using journal techniques to recognize, embrace, and cultivate acceptance around the themes of grief, loss, and healing.


Are you a social worker or nurse working with oncology patients? Learn how to best meet the needs of this unique population. CEs offered.

Unspoken Ink

Designed to take you on a journey through your cancer diagnosis and into your survivorship with a small group of your young adult cancer patient/survivor peers.

YA Cancer Gabfest

Each December, join us for a week of interactive survivorship crash courses for facing cancer.