Finding a clinical trial can be overwhelming. Patients are often left to search for trials on their own, leaving them with more questions than answers. Fortunately, our friends at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society provide a free service to take this burden off patients and their families!
August 9, 2022
We at Cactus Cancer Society believe that a writer is someone who writes, no matter how much experience you have writing. As part of our ongoing work to keep your creative juices flowing, we offer weekly journal prompts delivered right to your inbox. While our commitment to offering you creative, quality writing prompts remains the same, you’ll be seeing a few new names in your inbox as the authors of these prompts!
August 4, 2022
Cancer is my heaviest baggage. It’s my crazy ex-girlfriend that tried to kill me, and I would hate it if she ever came back, but she’s crazy, so she might. And I feel that I have to tell you at some point, so when’s the right time?
August 4, 2022
It’s Summer and connecting with one another is more open because we can comfortably meet up outside. How we experience any of these aspects of the season is up to us. Choice bubbles to the surface.
July 18, 2022
got some pretty amazing things in the works and we’re very excited about getting back to you this August with more wonderful programs.
July 1, 2022
After Facing Testicular Cancer, I Realized I Was Feeling Depressed – So I Asked For Antidepressants
June 28, 2022
Though I’m a young adult cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 24, I first heard the words ‘you have cancer’ said to my mother 2 years before my own diagnosis.
June 24, 2022
I wish that I had the awareness that this was a common feeling for AYAs when I was first diagnosed and undergoing treatment, because, although I had so much support from my family and friends, I still felt isolated and misunderstood.
June 21, 2022
We are pleased to partner with Cancer and Careers on their annual National Conference on Work & Cancer, virtually on June 24, 2022!
June 16, 2022
We’re running a focus group around the topic of age-appropriate patient education and communication with support from Daiichi Sankyo. Overall, conversation will center on how to provide information and education to young adults facing cancer in a way that is easily understandable, engaging, and suitable.
June 15, 2022