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Cactus HQ FAQ

Cactus Cancer Society is a virtual community that doesn’t believe in borders or walls; we transcend boundaries and celebrate diversity. We embrace individual thought and believe connection and creativity have the power to reset biases and catalyze change, allowing us to express our opinions and promote belonging, understanding, and collaboration. It is this strong sense of community that makes Cactus Cancer Society singular in the young adult cancer space.

Interested in how we ensure the safety and belonging of all of our program participants?  Check out our Community Agreements.

At the heart of Cactus Cancer Society is you: our community. Our new online space, Cactus HQ, is an extension of the same online community feeling you already know and love: safe, supportive, and fun. In Cactus HQ, we want you to grab a virtual coffee, donut, or slice of pizza, sit in a comfy spot, and talk with your cancer family, just like you would at a friend’s house.

Here’s how to join:

  1. Cactus HQ is best viewed through the desktop app.  The mobile app is new so you can expect that experience to get better and better.  You can alternatively use a macOS or Windows desktop and laptop computer on Google Chrome internet browser.
  2. A list of supported devices and browsers is available here.
  3. First time here? You’ll need to create an account here (which is free and takes seconds to do).
  4. We will be in the space and ready to greet you about 10 minutes ahead of your program’s start time.
  5. A Cactus Cancer Society staff member or volunteer will greet you at the door. It’s an intuitive space, and we’ll be there to help along the way.
  6. If for any reason, you need help at any point, feel free to email

Want a preview of what to expect from Kumospace? Check out the quick start guide here or check out the youtube preview here. (Please note that some of the features, like adding cake to the room, will only be available to staff 🙂 )

Here’s how to move around:

  1. Use your arrow keys to move around the space.  You could also pull up the map (button on the top right-hand of your screen) and click where you’d like to go OR you could double click in the space where you’d like to move.
  2. Get stuck on a wall?  It happens.  Move yourself back off the wall by either double clicking or using your arrow keys and then try navigating to your final destination again.
  3. You can zoom in and out of your view of the Cactus HQ but using the scroll on your mouse or by using the + and – buttons on the top right-hand of your screen.

I was promised pizza and donuts.  Here’s how to interact with the space:

  1. There are a ton of interactive elements in the space!  If you hover over an object and it gets an opaque square around it, it’s interactive!
  2. Find the interactive items!  Donuts, pizza, drinks, coffee, music plays in the kitchen and in some hallways, and more!
  3. There are also games!  Play the guitar, tetris, online codenames, and more!
  4. There are also ipads spread around the space that send you to an external link. 

In order to establish and keep that energy and atmosphere, we ask that all participants agree to the following standards and expectations:

  • Everyone is important and their rights, dignity, and worth deserve to be respected and celebrated.
  • Everyone is the expert in their own care and life experience. Please be respectful of others’ lifestyle and treatment decisions.
  • Anything shared in Cactus Cancer Society programs remains between participants. We embrace vulnerability, and as part of that, anything that happens in Cactus HQ stays there.
  • At the start of programs, grab a seat and hang. Just like you wouldn’t run around a classroom, we ask that you stay put when workshops begin or others are speaking.
  • Come as you are. Share your wins, your concerns, your silliness, and your authentic self. You never know when you’re the voice in the room that needs to be heard.