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10 Questions with Robynne

In this blog series called 10 Questions With, we get to know our amazing community members a bit more through questions and photos. We are so excited to introduce Robynne Estrada, who is an active member of our Cactus Cancer Society community. She is a pure delight, and we know you’ll love her, too! Read on to discover more about Robynne.

Please introduce yourself! What’s your name, what are your pronouns, and where are you located?

My name is Robynne Estrada and my pronouns are she/her. Born and raised in Southern California, I currently live in Palm Springs. I am a Pisces Sun, Cancer Rising, Capricorn Moon. Clearly, there’s a lot of feelings in here! hehe

How did you first find Cactus Cancer Society?

The year after I finished treatment, I decided I was ready to meet people in the cancer/AYA community. Google can lead to some gems.

What’s your favorite Cactus Cancer Society program?

I fell in love with the Unspoken Ink series. I’ve always expressed myself creatively through food, drawing, painting, but never in writing. Words are so powerful and speaking them out loud to friends can be very healing.

When you’re having a rough patch or feeling drained, what, who, or where helps you refuel?

When I’m solo, working on the breath can really help relax or energize me. Sometimes I do uttanasana (standing forward fold): if you change your body/posture, you change your breath and therefore your mind.

When I need cuddles, I turn to the 2 loves of my life: my partner Wane and my pup Royce. I feel so safe when the 3 of us are just being together.

When I need a friend, my BFF from college has been my constant for the past 20 years. She’s the virgo to my pisces, a very compatible match.

When I have the time/energy, being in nature’s expansiveness helps me recharge. It reminds me that whatever I’m dealing with is but a blip in the cosmos. It’s humbling.

A pup! Tell me more about him!

Royce Karmello LeRone! We named him after a Japanese chocolate bc he’s chocolate-coated. He’s an Australian Labradoodle who’s dramatic and talkative and just wants to say hi to everyone, total Leo vibes! I got him as my 1st Rebirthday present to myself, marking my 1st bone marrow transplant anniversary. Royce is one of the best things that’s ever happened to us.

What is your secret talent? It can be anything – a magic trick, always finding the best parking spot, or something else entirely.

I’m a clumsy ninja. Do I drop things all the time? Sure. But can I catch it before it hits the ground? Best believe.

If you were to endorse and be the spokesperson for any product, what would it be?

My first instinct is fish sauce (lol I think I’m hungry?) particularly Three Crabs brand. Most things I cook/prepare have a splash of fish sauce in there. It just adds an umami funk like nothing else.

What are your favorite spots where you live? If someone were to visit, how would you suggest they spend their day in your area?

I love going to the farmer’s market for produce and local snacks then Bread & Flours for some sourdough or focaccia. Royce loves the park so we post up and have a picnic then read under the shade. There’s amazing architecture in PS so we take strolls in the different neighborhoods like The Movie Colony. It’s nice to take a hike up the canyons (or for visitors, take the PS Tramway up to Mt. San Jacinto) to see the entire desert valley during sunset. The night sky is unreal at Joshua Tree National Park, an hour out from PS.

I have heard you’ve had a really unique job in the past! Can you tell us more about it?

My love/addiction for sweets led me to become a professional baker. I was in LA at the time so the entertainment industry fell into my lap and I became a Food Stylist. My first gig was a personal culinary producer to a YouTube influencer. Our primary audience was kids, so we made very cutesy celebration cakes and stylized desserts. Some of the more popular videos I did were the galaxy mirror glaze cake (24M views) and the unicorn cake (44M views). I even made a cookbook with her.

I moved on to bigger productions, mostly baking competition shows as part of the behind-the-scenes culinary team. Anything that had to deal with food: ingredients, tools, equipment, food porn shots for camera, we were behind that. I’ve worked on Food Network’s Baking Championships, Netflix’s Nailed It and Sugar Rush, Chopped, and so many others. Of all the celebrities I’ve worked with THE Cookie Monster had me straight shook!

Finally, give us a shameless brag, and tell us something you’re proud of! This can be an accomplishment, a piece of cool news, or something you’re really good at doing.

I’m proud of my passports. I had to get extension pages added to my last passport because ya girl had too many stamps 😉 It reminds me of all the places I’ve been, all the food and culture I’ve experienced and the extraordinary moments with family and friends.

Thank you so much for chatting with us, Robynne! To read more in our 10 Questions With series, check out our posts with Stephen, Tara, and Allison!