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Coming to the Table: An Intersection of Feminist Voices

Coming to the Table: An Intersection of Feminist Voices

Today we’re helping to spread the word for a performance art event that needs your insight!

Open call! Seeking stories from self-identifying women about negative experiences with the medical community.

Gender bias is alive and well in the treatment of patients. Women face longer wait times for treatment and are reportedly less likely to be believed or have their pain taken seriously. Equally damaging is the cultural stigma that sickness and “feminine” vulnerability are weaknesses to remain unspoken.

I am looking for instances of oppression, discrimination, sexism, disbelief, or any negative gender-specific dialogue you have experienced as a female patient in the healthcare system.

I will read these stories aloud and in succession as part of a performance event on June 18th for the opening of “Coming to the Table: An Intersection of Feminist Voices,” an exhibition organized by the Association of Hysteric Curators at the Angel’s Gate Cultural Center.

With this sharing of stories, including my own, women’s historical invisibility will be addressed and our experiences voiced. This performance will present a female-driven narrative that celebrates a community of voices and stories.

Guidelines for story submissions:
–  Please send your stories to
–  Any self-identifying woman is encouraged to submit her story
–  Any healthcare setting in which you were the patient
–  Experiences can be any time in which you felt you were treated differently because of your gender. There is no minimum threshold to these experiences. They can be any instance including, but not limited to everyday sexism, aggressive discrimination, ignorant misconceptions, a gut feeling that you were mistreated, etc
–  Stories should be 250 words maximum
–  There is no limit to the number of stories you may submit
–  Deadline to submit: June 17th, midnight

Please share this far and wide! I am excited and honored to have this opportunity and platform. To any woman who shares her story, I thank you.