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30 Truths

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Lacuna Loft’s Journaling program sends a journal prompt directly to your inbox.  Participants are encouraged to write for a specific amount of time (usually between 7-12 minutes) and are always invited to submit their writing for publication here.  This piece was written by Ashlinn in response to the prompt: Write a list of facts about yourself, listing the number of things based on your age. (ex. 30 years, 30 things). Now reflect on what you wrote. What trends do you see? 

30 truths about Ashlinn
1. I am as honest as my guilt makes me
2. I am easily influenced by media or opinions of people I admire
3. There are not many reasonable pleasures I forbid myself
4. I am very impulsive
5. I have a commitment phobia about some things
6. When I am angry I can be really really really mean
7. I am otherwise very approachable and friendly
8. I feel for the underdog, I want them to know unconditional love
9. I can be the most patient
10. I can be the least patient
11. I have very high standards of who I allow in my life
12. I am very nostalgic about damn near everything
13. I cry a lot
14. I have a dysfunctional relationship with food, prescription drugs and alcohol
15. Most of my family members are addicts
16. I can and tend to be very clingy and codependent
17. I have never ultimately turned anyone away from my life
18. There is little you can do for me to not forgive you
19. I can be irresponsible with money
20. I can be alone for right now, but I fear dying alone
21. I’m scared I’ll be a bad mother
22. I’m scared I won’t be a mother at all
23. I worry I will never forgive my late mother
24. I worry my potential children will never forgive me
25. I don’t know if I believe in God
26. I definitely believe there are immediate and latent meanings for everything in our lives, we have a higher power
27. I believe we are reincarnated many times in one life span
28. Im a hopeless romantic, but also a cynical non-believer that true love will ever happen to me
29. I worry of being so self deprecating I will come off unlikeable
30. I want desperately to be a successful writer

*Trends: I have trouble following through, but I will get most things done provided I give myself the time to do it. A lot of facts about me are fear based or wanting to be accepted. I did not lose any physical or psychological traits. Most of my facts are behaviour-related.

How would you have responded to this same prompt?  Can you connect with how Ashlinn responded?  If you’d like to sign up for this program, please go here.