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4 Ways To Style A Pixie Cut

styling a pixie cut

Growing your hair out after chemo can be a painful process. The hardest part, is having to relearn your hair at each length and figure out what products to use and what styles to attempt. As I approach the 1 year mark, my hair is finally long enough to purposely style my hair instead of simply smoothing or scrunching it into submission.

I had wavy hair before chemo and after chemo, I was blessed with the infamous “chemo curls”. I absolutely loved my chemo curls. Styling was easy with my favorite curl cream. Occasionally, I would go in with my mini straightener to shape a few pieces, but mostly I would wake up and go. Eight months after chemo, my hair started to boast some serious length, and my curls began to disappear. Now, when I wake up my hair is a MESS and I actually have to put effort into styling my hair.

Since I have never had short hair before, I have been forced to spend time learning about this length. I have watched endless Youtube videos, read millions of product reviews and experimented with countless tools and products. As I get the hang of certain styles, I want to share them with you for inspiration. For this post, I have documented 4 different styles you can easily create with pixie length hair and I have included tutorials for how to create these looks.

Structured Waves

Products Used (Shower Cap, Living Proof Dry ShampooWire Bristle BrushRedken Wax Blast 10MHD Mini StraightenerBumble and Bumble SemiSumoUmberto Shine SprayDove Argan Oil)

Hair Accessories

2Stock up on cute headbands, head wraps and clips. Go for something with feminine details to elevate the look and move away from the casual workout look. Hair accessories can be used to create a quick, easy and polished look. Nordstrom and Amazon have some great options: Jeweled headbandColorful head wrapPearl headbandCrystal Embellished headbandBow headband.

Faux Hawk

Products Used (Living Proof Dry ShampooWire Bristle BrushMHD Mini StraightenerBumble and Bumble SemiSumoUmberto Shine Spray)

Retro Curls

Products Used: foam rollersbrush rollerspin curl clipsstyling brushMHD Mini Straightener & Umberto Shine Spray

Give these pixie styles a try and tag me on Instagram to show me your results #mycancerchic.

Happy Styling!

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