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A Brightly Colored DIY Wreath

wreath on door

Wreath making is such a fun and easy craft…plus, it can be SUPER cheap!  If you missed our Halloween wreath from a few years ago, you can find it here!  Today we’ll be making a brightly colored wreath using very similar techniques and supplies.

While the color palate for this wreath is of the autumnal variety, changing up the colors would make this perfect for any season.  You’ll need: a foam wreath form, yarn (I used yellow), felt in two colors (I used beige and dark red), and used a hot glue gun.

I hot-glued the end of the yarn onto the foam wreath form and spent an hour or so wrapping yarn around the wreath.  I suggest doing this while chatting with a friend or zoning out in front of the television.

I used an easy tutorial to make the felt rosettes and made a variety using the red and beige felt.  Once each rosette was finished, I hot-glued it onto the yarn-wrapped wreath form.

And voila!  A super easy, very brightly colored wreath!

I like making easy wreaths and putting them on doorways to decorate for various times of the year.  Any favorite DIY wreaths you like to make?