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A Fall Wreath

fall wreath

Another day, another wreath!  If you missed our Halloween wreath yesterday, you can find it here!  Today we’ll be making a fall wreath using very similar techniques and supplies.

For the fall wreath, I purchased a foam wreath form, yellow yarn, felt in beige and dark red, and used a hot-glue gun that I already had.


I hot-glued the end of the yarn onto the foam wreath form and spent an hour or so wrapping yarn around the wreath.



I also used the same felt rosette instructions as before and made a variety of red and beige rosettes.

Attachment-1 (6)


And voila!  A fall wreath with a completely different feel compared to yesterday’s Halloween wreath!

Attachment-1 (1)

How do you decorate for fall?  Any fall wreath diys in your future?

fall wreath