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A First Timer’s Go At Meditation

guided meditation

I’ve been told again and again that meditation is great.  I’ve attended a talk by the wonderfully gifted founder of True North Treks where he explained exactly how accessible meditation is and how awesome its health benefits are.  I even downloaded this app a few months ago.  Then I moved to a new place where I knew almost no one and tried my best to help my family adjust to a new part of the country and a new way of life.  Carving out a few minutes of each day to be mindful and meditate seemed easy enough but I never actually acted on it.

I finally decided that I needed to make a new and positive change.  I realized that I was almost always tense in this new place.  I stayed at home more often than not because staying there with my two pups felt most familiar.  Even at my new home, I felt anxious, distracted, and searching for even more distraction.  So far, I hadn’t been able to just sit and feel calm and relaxed in my new environment.  Something needed to shift.  Small hiccups in my day would produce tears.  One small unwanted change in the flow of my day and my entire sense of personal stability would be derailed.

Enter Headspace.  Thanks to their Get Some / Give Some program, Lacuna Loft has been given free subscriptions to their guided meditations that we’re giving to young adult cancer survivors or caregivers that you can access from your computer or smart phone.  (If you want one and you’re a young adult cancer survivor or caregiver, go here!)

My first 10 days of meditating were life changing…  10 minutes of calm and focus and breathing makes a world of difference in my day.  Then I moved onto the next 10, and the next.

Simple enough right!  Start with 10 minutes, for 10 days.  Then you can use your free subscription to move onto the other great, guided meditation sessions Headspace provides.

Let us know how meditating works for you!