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A Letter To Someone Who Believed In You

Lacuna Loft’s Journaling program sends a journal prompt directly to your inbox.  Participants are encouraged to write for a specific amount of time (usually between 7-12 minutes) and are always invited to submit their writing for publication here.  This piece was written by Ashlinn in response to the prompt: Write a letter to someone who believed in you, even when you didn’t believe in yourself. Read the letter out loud to yourself when you’re done. How can you be kinder to your future self in a similar fashion?

My dearest nana,

You have welcomed me into your home and into your life during some of my most fragile moments. You have never, ever once shut the door on me, or put me down in ways where I could no longer get the strength to come back up. You have always believed in me and invested so much love and care into our relationship. I am so blessed to have a female role model like you after surviving the tragedy of losing my mother, and staring death in the face for the second time. You are a rival of the angels, for not even the most blessed have a heart as pure as yours. You have a servant’s soul and your will to do good exceeds that of anyone I have ever encountered. You are a guide to me and many and I consider myself lucky to call you my nana. I love you so much for your constant care and attention. For picking me up when I am down and reminding me consistently of all there is to be grateful for. You are a legend in the legacy you lead and how you show kindness and compassion to others. You are truly a shining example of what good is, and what good can be. You are my hero for so many reasons. And I wish to share this precious time we have together making happy memories. As much as you help me through the difficult, it is the fun in you I wish to live on inside me as your granddaughter.

I love you infinitely,


How would you have responded to this same prompt?  Can you connect with how Ashlinn responded?  If you’d like to sign up for this program, please go here.