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Adventure Guide

passport, coffee, sunglasses, on table

Get your very own Cactus Cancer Society Passport, your adventure guide to all things CCS. Use this fun checklist to stamp your way through various activities and earn fun things like stickers, t-shirts, and more! We can’t wait to see your creativity shine as you participate in our newest activity. Sign up to get an official Cactus Cancer Society Passport in your mailbox today!

Once you’ve completed an activity, email us at and we’ll “stamp” your passport! Keep track at home and we’ll keep track here! Every six activities you complete, we’ll send free goodies to you!

Six stamps and you’ll get a notebook, pen, and a sticker! Twelve stamps you’ll get an our life would SUCC without you surprise and maybe a piece of vintage LL! Eighteen stamps and you’ll get a brand new CCS shirt!

** Please note activities can not be completed before 9.1.21 and rewards are subject to change at anytime.**