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An Easy Self-Care Tip

easy self-care tip

Believe me, I know.  Self-care is not a piece of cake.  Sure, once you hear a tip is sounds easy enough but all the real work is found in the implementation.  Even so, never to late to hear a new, easy self-care tip right?  I learned this one when I was in grad school.  I’ll admit that I don’t quite have the hang of it yet…but I’m working on it!

When you’re facing a tough day or a tough situation (or both!), try talking to yourself like you would talk to a really good friend, or to your younger self.  How would you react to your best friend (or the younger you) if he or she lost that big client or didn’t do well in that race or had a less than stellar day?

Would you blame them for the mistake?  Would you pile on all of the other things that your friend did wrong that day?

I didn’t think so.

Try talking to yourself like you would a very good friend.  You are with yourself all the time for goodness sake!  Treat yourself like your own best friend!  Nurture yourself and be kind.

Have you heard of this easy self-care tip before?  What other self-care tips do you use?