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Welcome Angela!

Lacuna Loft is excited to continue introducing some guest bloggers! These great folks represent a variety of perspectives on the myriad of topics covered here at Lacuna Loft. Before everyone starts really getting into the nitty-gritty of all they have to say, we wanted to introduce them a bit. Without further ado, here is Angela!


I was diagnosed with a “rare and aggressive” stage 4a uterine carcinosarcoma (MMMT) in July of 2012 at the age of 33.  At an age where my career was finally taking off and I was actively trying to be unsingle so I can have a kid or 2, this brought my life to a screeching halt.  Having been in relative good health up to that point in my life, there were a lot of firsts, first MRI, first ultrasound, first CT scan, first blood transfusion, first surgery, first chemotherapy treatment, first ambulance ride, first time in an emergency room, first time shaving my head, and so on. After a year of that, I was declared to be cancer free.  I could no longer reproduce, having lost my uterus and ovaries, and I was in menopause.

During that period of time, I scoured the web for those who were going through similar situations and I found mostly journeys of sad endings.  It was even also more extremely rare for someone my age to get this type or cancer because those who are diagnosed with this cancer are typically 60+ and going through menopause. My way of coping was keeping a blog since I can best express myself through writing and it was also a way for friends and family to check in on me without having to repeat myself 20 times. I stopped updating it towards the end of my treatments.

Now that I am cancer free for almost 2 years, I want to be visible to those who may be scouring the web like I did, share my successes and my struggles, and maybe bring some hope to those who are fighting the battle.

I am 36 now and work a busy full-time job, going to school for a master’s degree, and still trying to be unsingle. I like to play video games and since I enjoy interior design, I probably watch too much HGTV.  My hope is to squeeze in some time to write again.