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Ask A Cactus: Let’s Talk Nutrition

Welcome to the newest program at Cactus Cancer Society, Ask A Cactus! Have a burning question about the YA Cancer survivorship experience? Ever wonder how another YA patient/survivor made a specific decision? Curious how other YAs rework a busy lifestyle once hearing the words “You have cancer”? Stay tuned as we start to learn from others in the community of YAs facing cancer.

This first topic will be all about…drumroll please!….nutrition! We know that this topic can be SO CONFUSING and that recommendations are often most easily made for you as a specific, beautiful individual. Given all of that, we’re trying to tackle it anyway!

Please meet Alison Meagher, MS, RDN! She’s a Senior Registered Dietician at Scripps Cancer Center and can answer all sorts of questions. Whether you’re interested in the whole sugar and cancer debate, myths and realities around nutrition, how you can go about feeling as good as you can, or whatever else, submit your question so that she can answer it.

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