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August Will Be Here Before You Know It

august calendar

Lacuna Loft is taking a program break over the month of July.  We’ve just hired Employee #2, we’re growing and reaching further into the young adult cancer space, and we’re very excited about getting back to you in August with more wonderful programs.

What will we do in July?  Trust us, it’s not a vacation 😉  We’ll be strategically planning, onboarding, grant writing, program planning, evaluating, dreaming, scheming, networking, and talking young adult cancer survivorship to anyone who will listen!

If you’d like to read through young-adult-cancer stories and voices while we’re on our July program break, check out our blog!  The archives are extensive…dating back to when we first launched our website in March 2014!  Interested in searching more by topic?  Hit up our main page and scroll down until you see the phrase, “Are you interested in…” followed by a bunch of little circles detailing different topics you can explore!

Have a wonderful July!  We’ll see you in August!