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Back To School

My own “back to work” outfits, 2010-2013

I’ve always had a job that follows the ‘academic’ calendar, so when August rolls around it feels like time for some back to school outfits (okay, “back to work”, in my case) shopping. One of the great things about this part of the year are the deals that come with it.  Cancer treatments are expensive, so let’s look at making your clothing budget go further.

My personal favorites for shopping on a budget? Gap, Old Navy, Target. As a rule of thumb, I’d say never bother purchasing anything from Old Navy or Gap unless it’s 30-40% off (they have these deals on a weekly basis). And if you are interested in a “store credit card”, for me this is the one to get. The rewards are great if you shop at Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy/Piperlime/Athleta. I recently booked my fiancé’s and my summer travel using my Gap credit card and HELLO $200 to spend at those brands. My other “cheap” favorite is, somewhat unexpectedly, JCrew. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s in no way cheap originally….but when you catch the clearance racks (often with my favorite “extra 40% off sale” sign nearby) and tack on a teacher or educator discount (15%)…suddenly it moves into the Old Navy/Target price bracket. H&M sizing rarely works for me, but I’d recommend it for trendier pieces at a low price point (I still love to browse their accessories). Currently, I’ve been stocking up on work basics (for me, t-shirts with a little more interest & new pants).

I enjoy reading and writing about clothes and style, but, I’ll admit it sometimes does feel trivial to post about on Lacuna Loft. I will say, my mom was in the hospital recently (she’s a breast cancer survivor, but spinal fusion surgeries have been the big challenge in recent years), and how to dress did enter my mind. I wanted to look put together and cheerful (and warm & comfy). I think this was partly because of all the “This is my daughter, Elena” intros that happen with the zillion doctors/nurses coming in and out (I get this feeling of representing my mom and family, as silly as that may sound) and because I think hospitals always use a bit more cheer (one outfit choice: a very bright orange dress).

Now I’m getting tangential. In any case, hope you find some great deals in the coming weeks if you’re looking! And if you’re spending a lot of time in the hospital, clothes probably aren’t your priority. But if you’re looking for comfort, Gap’s track pants are so cozy I never want to take them off. And if you’re looking for a smile-worthy dress, here’s one.

A few of my own recent purchases that I can vouch for (all purchased at 30-40% off + reward $)

photo 1

1. Tee, / 2. Tailored Crop Pants / 3. Zip-pocket track pants / 4. Shawl-collar cardigan

Do you have some favorite back to school outfits or back to work outfits?  🙂  Any suggestions for shopping on a budget?  Let us know!