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Best Feet Forward

We had one of those magical “first days of spring” in Chicago yesterday (we all know what a fun, never-ending winter this has been). The boyfriend and I made it to rooftop bars and patios after work and walked a few miles around our city…so I got to test out my first pair of 2014 sandals: these ones from Target (they were on sale for $13 when I nabbed them a few weeks ago!). They passed the can-I-wander-aimlessly-for-hours test, and now of course I also want them in mint.

Personally, I’m not a big shoe person, at least not in the traditional sense. I don’t like heels, and don’t get too caught up in cool athletic shoes (just give me the ones that correct for my apparent over-pronation) or flats. But I do love the two seasonal extremes: sandals and boots! Warm weather style feels easier to me in a lot of ways—throw on a dress, grab a pair of sandals, add necklace, GO. Very little effort and I can still feel put-together and ready to face the day. With that ease in mind, I tend to stick with sandals in neutral colors (there’s usually a black pair and a gold/metallic pair in my closet every year) and that aren’t too pricey. No matter the make of the sandal, I honestly feel like I wear them out in a year or two, so staying well under $50 works for me.

A few of my favorite pairs right now are below. The transition into warmer weather is on my mind, especially with a few events coming up this week (bridal shower, baptism, Seder dinners, Easter, oh my!) and the realization that my usual tights/boots/dress combo might not be an option with a 70 degree forecast. Hope you’re enjoying the surge of higher temperatures and are slowwwwly starting to put away the wool sweaters and down jackets and bust out the skirts & sandals.

P.S. Worthy of partnering with any summer footwear? Essie’ new minty shade (fashion playground).

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