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Between Two Kingdoms, by Suleika Jaouad

In the summer after graduating from college, Suleika Jaouad was preparing, as they say in commencement speeches, to enter “the real world.”  The real world she found, however, would take her into a very different kind of conflict zone. A trip to the doctor and, a few weeks shy of her twenty-third birthday, she received a diagnosis: leukemia. By the time Jaouad flew home to New York, she had lost her job, her apartment, and her independence. She would spend much of the next four years in a hospital bed, fighting for her life and chronicling the saga in a column for The New York Times.

When Jaouad finally walked out of the cancer ward—after countless rounds of chemo, a clinical trial, and a bone marrow transplant—she embarked on a 100-day road trip across the country to meet some of the strangers who had written to her during her years in the hospital. Between Two Kingdoms is a profound chronicle of survivorship and a fierce, tender, and inspiring exploration of what it means to begin again.

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