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Book Club: I’m Just A Person, Chapter 3

young adult cancer book club

Welcome to the comments and discussion of Chapter 3: The Downfall of the book, I’m Just A Person by Tig Notaro! Catch up on Chapter 1: Over My Mother’s Dead Body and Chapter 2: Are You My Mother.

Let’s get started!  Chapter 3!


The chapter carried a wallop of emotions.  Learning about Tig’s experience with C-Diff, watching her hazed hospital experience, and then learning of her mother’s tragic fall led me down a rabbit hole of her hurt.  You can feel the weight of so much happening at once, disrupting the life that she had carefully built for herself.

I find it curious, intriguing really, how this chapter was first spent explaining her discovery of stand-up, her path to success, and showing us even shaky moments in her life surrounded by moments of success.  I felt rooted in the idea that Tig understood herself and had things “put together” in her career and her personal life.  Then…disaster hits.  First in her own personal health and then with her mother’s.  I can completely relate to having LARGE life devastations happen one after the other.  My heart went out to Tig while I finished up the chapter.


Thanks for joining us for Chapter 3: The Downfall of I’m Just A Person!  Join in next Monday for Chapter 4: Saying Good-Bye.

If you’re just joining us, here are some logistics:

We will talk about a chapter each Monday until the book is done.  Then, we’ll use one more Monday to talk about general feelings from the book and anything else you’d like to discuss.  Join in, in the comments every week!  At the end, we’ll have a book club discussion via video chat!  Also, there will probably be spoilers.  Read along with us!

How are you enjoying our young adult cancer book club?