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Book Club: Planet Cancer, Meet The Authors!

planet cancer

Welcome to the comments and discussion of the book, Planet Cancer!  Catch up on Chapter 1: DiagnosisChapter 2: Getting Your C-Legs, Chapter 3: Treatment, Chapter 4: Side Effects, Chapter 5: Staying SaneChapter 6: People, and Chapter 7: What Now?!

Let’s get started!  Meet the Authors!

I recently had the pleasure to chat with the authors of the Planet Cancer book, Heidi Adams, CEO of Critical Mass, and Christopher Schultz, writer and founder of Start Here Development.  I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for joining us for our first book club of Planet Cancer!  We had such a great time reading and discussing.  Are you interested in seeing another book club here on Lacuna Loft?  Have any books in mind?  Let us know!