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Book Club: Rising Strong, Feedback Please!

young adult cancer book club

With a few chapters left of Rising Strong by Brené Brown, I figured I’d check in and see how everything was going!

In the life of our young adult cancer book club, posts have gone live each week, moving forward into the book a chapter at a time. Our book club is growing, though. In the 1st round, Lacuna Loft gave away 3 books. In the 2nd round, we gave away 12 books. Now, in the 3rd round, Lacuna Loft was able to (very quickly) give away 24 books with more and more requests made each day once the book was announced. Given the enthusiasm behind this program, Lacuna Loft is wondering if a change of scenery is needed?

Would you be interested in having a young adult cancer book club via video chat at the end of the book, either in addition to the weekly blog posts or instead of them?

Do you like focusing on cancer-related books or did you like the switch to a non-cancer-related book?

Would you like a chance to connect with others reading the book in a different way?  Have any ideas?

Any and all feedback that you could provide regarding what you’d like this program to look and feel like is greatly appreciated.  We want to make sure that the programs at Lacuna Loft are exactly what you need them to be.  🙂  Thank you!




In case you’d like to catch up on Rising Strong by Brené Brown, young adult cancer book club!  Catch up on Chapter 1: The Physics of Vulnerability Chapter 2: Civilization Stops at the WaterlineChapter 3: Owning Our Stories, Chapter 4: The Reckoning, Chapter 5: The Rumble, Chapter 6: Sewer Rats And Scofflaws, Chapter 7: The Brave And Brokenhearted, Chapter 8: Easy Mark, and Chapter 9: Composting Failure.  We’ll finish the book after the New Year!