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A Cancer Survivor Tattoo

Being a young adult cancer survivor comes with its challenges.  Once I shaved my head, I found that I very much enjoyed the counter-culture that included women with super short hair that I had been thrust into.  Now, don’t get me wrong…if you’ve known me for a little while you know that I have had short hair before.  Having a buzz cut though is a totally different experience as a woman.  It was fun playing with make up to balance the severe buzz cut and experimenting with some edgier outfits 🙂

As my cancer treatments ended, my hair grew back.  I was even able to grow it long enough to donate most to Locks of Love.  Still I actively struggle with my mother’s death from cancer and with my own survivorship.  From other important pieces of my life have been born two, very small tattoos.  I knew that this moment in my life needed one as well.  My mother used to say “Breathe Deep.  Fly High.”  Though taken from a television series that my family adored while I was growing up, I have always kept this phrase in mind throughout everything.  After much thought and planning, and a surprise move by my husband to get a designer involved, the final artwork was ready.




The tattoo isn’t fully completed but I thought I’d show you anyway 🙂  Tattoos aren’t for everyone but taking control of one’s life is.  Everything that we do into our lives and into our survivorship should be for the purpose of making our lives better…since as young adult cancer survivors, we know how hard and scary life can be.  This is my way of bringing some beauty into my everyday life and shaping myself for a better tomorrow.