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CancerCon 2016 In Photos

CancerCon 2016

CancerCon was an absolute blast.  I wasn’t sure what to expect…I’ll admit that I had my reservations.  While I have a strong LOVE (seriously…some of the best folks around) for the people I work with on the Steering Committee and many others I’ve met at the conference, the angry branding of Stupid Cancer is not one that I enjoy.  I knew that I would be busy and tired and maybe not have a ton of time to myself.  We all have different tastes, right?  With a year in between one CancerCon conference and the next, it is easy for me to forget the real strength that comes from the event.  It isn’t the branding of the organization that holds it (though I do enjoy the rock star like glam that they adhere to the entire weekend), or the local celebrities that come…

The power of CancerCon is found in each and every survivor and caregiver that shows up, speaks their truth through tears and laughter, and shows love to everyone around them.  It’s the late night banter, the fatigue induced laughter, the new definition of “normal” that appears in a place when everyone there has been through something as profound as cancer.  This is what will bring me back to CancerCon next year.

I’ll speak more in the next few weeks about various pieces of the wonderful event that is CancerCon, until then enjoy some photos and remember, you are never alone.  If you missed CancerCon or were there but aching for some more connection with your young-adult-cancer-having-peers, check out some of the great programs here at Lacuna Loft.  You still have time to sign up for the next Writing Group or the soon to come Drawing Workshop.  These programs happen from the comfort of your own home while still connecting you directly to 10 other young adult survivors or caregivers through video chat.