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CancerCon In Quotations

As we’ve already talked about, CancerCon was an amazing experience.  So many survivors.  So many advocates.  So many friendly faces.  I will definitely be going back next year.

Here are a few glances at the magic of CancerCon…in quotes from the weekend.  I didn’t add who said the quotation.  If you see one of your own though, and you want credit for the awesome quote (or you want it removed) just shoot me an email!  Sometimes I’ll provide a bit of explanation but sometimes I don’t think its necessary.  The event was intense and powerful and so many great things were said.

This is where we all learn to be tough, brave, bitches.”

“The two of us are brave bastards.”

“We are no longer B-list subplots!” – talking about how young adults with cancer used to be the on-the-side characters while their support system received the main spotlight

“I feel like I crammed a nonprofit degree up my ass.” – oh Matthew Zachary, I can definitely relate to this one!

“You have so much permission to be pissed as hell…but you have an opportunity now…you are not alone.” – talking about Instapeer, check it out!

OSW = Oh Shit Window

“73,000 young adults diagnosed per year, 1 every 8 minutes.  Let’s be there for them.  Let’s be there for us.”

“Colorado, you are the healthiest state and you should be proud of that and you have no goddamn humidity in your air!”

“If you follow the rules, you’re doing something wrong.”

“Now I share my story like a boss.” – in reference to sharing your story once you feel in a place to do so

“Whenever I’m stressed, I watch kitten videos on youtube.”

“I don’t sit in that shit boat.”

“I’ve been getting so used to being open and excited about everyone I meet at the conference that I almost knocked on that stranger’s car window just to show them that we were eating donuts too…but I stifled it” … “I know!  I just have this urge to go up to someone and start talking about fertility” – this one is paraphrased…and the conversation was hilarious

Have any more from the weekend?  I’ll definitely add them!