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Caregiver Chronicles: Wes Body’s Lessons Learned Through Caregiving

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This post is by Wes Body, caregiver extraordinaire to SparklySurvivor:

“Sir, may I see some identification?”, I said to the man in the parking lot. “Sir, I have to check your name in our system- I need to see your ID.”, I repeated.

As you may have gathered from my statement above, I work as a police officer. This was not anything out of the ordinary for me to say and I was keeping my focus on the situation at hand.


I look down at my phone for just a moment while maintaining good visual of the suspect.

It’s Nicole. She’s calling. She was supposed to get news about the tumor they recently found in her stomach.

I have to answer this. There is no way I can miss this call.

“Sir, stay right there, this officer will be here to keep an eye on you, don’t leave”, I said.

I step away.

“Hello?”, I said into the phone. I was expecting to hear my sweet wife, Nicole’s voice.

But crying is all I heard. Oh no. What happened?

“Honey…”, my wife whispered into the phone. “They think that I have cancer.”

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