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Caregiving For A Parent As A Young Adult

caregiving for a parent

Being a young adult and caregiving for a parent is a tough role.  You’re young, ready to conquer the world, ready to take risks and kick butt…but living simultaneously in this world of young adult-hood and in the world of being a caregiver is a challenging task.  With differing paces and expectations these worlds clash in so many ways.

My first glimpse at the world of cancer began with my mother’s diagnosis of a brain tumor in March 2009.  I was one of her primary caregivers until his passing in December 2010.  I recently began writing about my experiences as a young adult caregiver with Cancer Knowledge Network.  Processing my experience as my mother’s caregiver has taken a lot of time, tears, and patience.  Our relationships with our parents are intricate and they gradually transform as we become adults.  Cancer both accelerates and challenges this.

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Are you a young adult caregiving for a parent?  Tell us about your experiences!