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Christina’s Corner: August 4, 2023

Happy August pals!

We are back from our July program break. It was so great to see some of you yesterday at Coffee and Oodles and I hope to see more of you in the coming weeks, because our program calendar is *stacked*.

For today, let’s get back into our usual eat, see, and do. And as always, if you have suggestions for things we should feature, be sure to connect with me and send an email to

Eat: As much as folks love to hate on New Jersey, I love to brag about our summer produce. We’re the Garden State for a reason, and that reason is delicious! Tomatoes are a Jersey summer staple, and I love finding different ways to use them each year. There is the classic tomato sandwich, which is incredibly versatile and so darn easy. You can pop it in a panini press, keep it chilled in a cooler as you enjoy your nature excursion, eat it on a plate as you work (which is what I’m doing now). Lately, I’ve been enjoying mine on peasant loaf bread with a little bit of mayo, a layer of spicy microgreens from a new vendor at the farmer’s market, and of course, slices of tomato seasoned with salt and pepper. To switch things up a bit, I hope to make this tasty tomato tart from The Spruce Eats soon. It’s got a ton of summer herbs and if you’re hosting, it would make a great addition to brunch or an informal dinner side. Did this just turn into a tomato appreciation post? Yes. Yes it did.

See: I am probably the ten thousandth person to say this, but I loved the Barbie movie, and I think you will, too. Going was a really special experience for me: it was my first time back in a movie theater since 2019. I got myself and my friend really cushy lounge seats in those luxury recliners and while I had no idea what to expect, I was ready for the ride. I’m not here to spoil anything for you, and quite frankly, I was so confused when people were saying “no spoilers.” What was there to spoil about Barbie? Turns out, quite a bit. So… just go. Whether you go because the production design looks incredible, you want to see Ryan Gosling just be Ken, or because you loved Margot Robbie in I, Tonya: just go.

Do: If you are going anywhere in the remaining days of summer, or staying home and hanging, be sure to bring us along with you! Cactus Cancer Society has a mascot: Prickly Pete. Just like kids sometimes bring a cut out of Flat Stanley along and take photos to share with their classmates, you can bring Prickly Pete with you where ever you are going! Whether it’s the cancer center, a day by the lake, or hanging in your home office, Pete would love to keep you company. You can read more about Prickly Pete by scrolling to the bottom of our Community Gallery and printing him out at home. Tag us in the photo on socials, or email us the photo and we will share on our channels. We can’t wait to see where Pete goes with you!

It’s good to be back, friends. I hope July treated you well, and here’s to a produce-filled, pink, Prickly weekend.