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Christina’s Corner: December 9, 2022

A bowl of ramen with noodles, meat, nori, greens, and a soft boiled egg.

I found myself having variations on the same conversation this week. Each person I talked to seemed to ask, “is it just me, or is today off?” Others would trip over their words, and then apologize, saying, “sorry, it’s been a DAY.” As 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon put it, “What a week, huh?” To which Alec Baldwin’s character responded, “Lemon, it’s Wednesday.” This week’s Christina’s Corner is about ways to comfort ourselves when it’s Wednesday and you’re wondering if it’s Friday yet. 

Eat: I was feeling a touch of a sore throat this week, and I craved some comfort food that would also make me feel better. As a vegetarian, chicken noodle isn’t exactly an option, and I craved something a bit more substantial than vegetable stock. Enter: my favorite thai peanut ramen. It’s totally easy to customize: you can add any vegetables that you have that are about to go bad in your fridge: I added two green bell peppers, and a green like spinach would be great in here as well. If you like some spice, throw on some thai chilis or some sriracha. If you’re not vegetarian or vegan, use some chicken broth and a soft boiled egg for protein. Polish it off with some peanuts for extra crunch. If you can’t make it out to buy some thai green chili paste, feel free to dress up your standard packaged ramen inspired by the same ingredients. Serious Eats has some great ideas

See: One of my dear friends reminded me the other day of ambiance videos and how they can easily lend a cozy atmosphere to an otherwise average day. What’s an ambiance video? It’s basically a video that recreates a setting, complete with sound. During the early days of the pandemic when I needed to feel like I was someplace other than the same apartment I’d been confined to for months, I’d put on one of these videos and feel transported as I read a book or ate a meal. Here’s a round-up of great options where you can study out in your Harry Potter house common room, hang at a coffee shop, or even slip back through time. 

Do: I had a great yoga teacher friend who would often ask this question during our restorative classes: “what can you do to make yourself 10% more comfortable?” I love this question. We can’t often get the kind of radical change we crave overnight, but 10% is a doable percentage to ponder. What would make you 10% more comfortable? Cutting the tags from clothing? Buying new slippers? Popping your towels in the dryer for a short time before showering, so they’re warm when you need them? Consider your 10%, and celebrate yourself for making a magical adjustment to your day-to-day. 

Have a customizable, ambient, and comfortable weekend!