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Christina’s Corner: February 10, 2023

There’s a phrase some friends and I use that I am positive is not unique to us: laugh to keep from crying. Ever made what you thought was a joke, and other people sort of cringe? That’s the mode I’m talking about. A pinch of dark humor, or a commitment to nonsensical humor, just because laughing beats… Well, whatever else I’m also feeling. I’m bringing you sunny, not heartfelt, suggestions this weekend. I am hoping they induce that laughter if you’ve had some nonsense going on lately (and honestly, who hasn’t?)

Eat: I remember hearing from somewhere that in the winter, when the sunlight is reduced, it’s helpful to eat really colorful foods. Think about it: an orange is going to taste like summertime, pineapple or other tropical fruits are full of vitamin C which can fend of a mild cold or help one see itself out the door. Excuse me as I peel a load of clementines.

See: If there’s one thing I love, it’s talented actors breaking character to crumble into laughter. If you haven’t seen the SNL Skit “Lisa from Temecula,” I can’t recommend it enough. Bowen Yang looking straight out, having completely given up, was straight up too much to handle; Ego Nwodim deserves an Emmy for keeping a straight face throughout. If this is also your thing, check out some of the outtakes from the Carol Burnett show, like the Tim Conway and Harvey Korman Dentist Sketch. Even if the material isn’t that funny, it’s pretty hard to keep a straight face looking at actors who can’t keep it together. 

Do: I am pretty sure I’ve recommended audiobooks here before, but I started listening to Wow. No Thank You. by Samantha Irby this week and it had me laughing out loud as I walked my dog. It’s definitely not family-friendly, so don’t listen to it in the care if small ones are around, but the payoff is amazing. It’s also really heartfelt, in that way that confirms the funniest people have been through a lot. There’s an entire chapter called, “Hello, 911?” and Samantha asks medium to low-stakes questions the entire time, such as, “Hello, 911? Did I take my pills?” (Relatable, honestly.)

Have a colorful, breaking character, laughter-inducing weekend.