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Christina’s Corner: February 17, 2023

It was 67 degrees in my hometown today – rare for the Northeast in mid-February.  I didn’t even have to put on a coat to take my dog outside. It was that quintessential Fool’s Spring where I forgot that it could even be like that outside. And I got lulled into that familiar old lie: what problems did I have when it was this warm outside? I can’t remember. Maybe this Spring I will have no problems. Or I will have them and I won’t care because it’s warm out.

But if Alexander taught us anything, it’s that you can still have bad days in places with warm weather, even in Australia. 

Here are some ways to make your day a little better, trip to Australia optional:

Eat: Google the DIY version of your favorite cafe drink at home. Definitely not as easy as going through the drive-through, but you can have much wider access to your favorite drinks. This is not at all meant to be money saving hack (“just stop eating avocados and you can buy a house!”) but a way to have your drinks more accessible at home. Like Starbucks’ “Pink Drink,” for example: it’s just 1 part coconut milk and 3 parts white cran-strawberry juice (Ocean Spray makes one). You can also add freeze-dried strawberries if you’d like. Aerial, our Chief Programming Officer here at Cactus Society, mentioned during a program tonight that she saw a recipe for a Honey Bear Latte – this one looks similar. This is fancy, yet pretty attainable stuff. Impress your friends! Impress yourself! Go forth and froth!

See: I have recommended this series no fewer than 10 times to people now: Cunk on Earth on Netflix. It’s a short mockumentary-style series featuring Philomena Cunk, a British… reporter? (We don’t really find out.) Regardless, she’s out to interview some of the UK’s top experts on world history and civilization and create a few half-hour episodes to answer all of your questions. You can watch the trailer here.

Do: My latest routine has been, shortly after putting my phone on do not disturb for the night, to put on an audiobook with a sleep timer. I use the Libby app on my phone, connecting my library card to the audiobook lending system. And now I get to fall asleep to books I’ve read before that I find wildly comforting and cozy. It’s a bit like being read a bedtime story, except if I fall asleep and drool on my pillow no one will know.

Have a Venti Dry British Wit with a Freeze Dried Story Pieces kind of weekend,