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Christina’s Corner: January 20, 2023

A dated planner open on a white tabletop with a cup of coffee in an espresso-sized cup in the corner. There is also a basket lined with a towel containing baked goods.

Is it February yet? My two least favorite months, in order, are 1. April and 2. The second half of January. Maybe it’s the rain talking for me, or the fact that I don’t want to take down my Christmas tree because I’m feeling especially cottage core at the moment, but I’m feeling lost in time. Never fear: I found a few ways this week to mark, nay, enjoy the passage of time. 

Eat: Anyone else aboard the struggle bus with cooking lately? I’m not talking about “eating healthy” because I’m anti-diet culture, I’m just talking in general. Here’s what I’ve been doing recently: buying a frozen or pre-cooked base and working around it. Aldi in particular carries frozen Eggplant Cutlets, which have been stellar to brown on the stove for a few minutes and throw on top of some pasta and sauteed spinach. I visited the capital of delicious frozen staples, Trader Joe’s, and made a thirty-second Italian dip to munch on while working: take their pre-cooked frozen lentils, mix them with their jarred Bruschetta. Eat with some crackers; I like pita chips. That’s it. That’s the whole recipe. If you like olives as much as I do, throw in a container of their tapenade from the refrigerated section. 

Easy doesn’t have to mean boring, and it doesn’t mean you’re lazy, because laziness is a myth. (I’ll write a post on that another day.) Fed is best. Getting some nutrition into your body is better than none. Period.

See: Ever log in to a streaming service to watch a series or movie that you were really excited about, only to find that it was taken down a mere week or two after you noted it? I’ve definitely and embarrassingly been there. So before you have a repeat of falling to your knees because The Office was moved to Peacock, take a look at the list of what’s leaving Netflix. Plan your Men in Black series or all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles watch parties, lest you be full of regret later. 

Do: Celebrate the holidays that are probably made up by some industry out to make a dollar but are fun and easy to celebrate. Last weekend was National Bagel Day, which I felt ashamed not knowing beforehand. (I hope all who celebrate enjoyed their day!) This week was also National Popcorn Week. But don’t worry! You still have time to celebrate Soup Swap Day on Saturday and Hot Sauce Day on Sunday. If you are spice intolerant, don’t worry, you can honor Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. Want to stay on top of what holidays are just around the corner? You can find a whole list here. Look at you! So informed and prepared! (I’m celebrating Tuesday, Compliment Day, in advance.)

Have a fresh-from-frozen, timely, absurdly celebratory weekend.