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Christina’s Corner: May 2024

I turned 35 this past weekend. I have been reflecting on a lot of things, but primarily what a privilege it is to be getting older. There are so many people I care about who are no longer here, and the aches and pains that come with another year feel trivial in comparison. I expected to be in a much different place in my life by the time I was 35, but I truly have not been happier than I feel right now. Not because my life is perfect, but because I know myself better than ever before, and I can confidently say I am very clear about what is worth worrying about and what is not. Life is so hard, and I won’t always feel this joy. So for now, I’m here to welcome it and just let it keep me company.

Here are some of my happy-inducing recommendations: 

Eat: Back when I was working summer camps in New York City, I was heavily into mason jar vegetarian salads. They were so easy to make, didn’t need to be refrigerated, also kept my greens from getting soggy. I used pickle jars, since they were larger (many, many people who know me will tell you how much I love pickles and how quickly I go through them). The basic idea is this: you take the heavier stuff that can essentially marinade in dressing and then all the light stuff (greens, specifically) goes packed in the top. Here’s what would go in mine, from the bottom up: chickpeas or grilled tempeh cubes, green apple pieces, arugula or baby spinach, then balsamic vinaigrette as dressing. When you’re ready to eat it, shake the jar and that’s it! I also would make this as a wrap when I was at home. So, so tasty. I think it’s the tangy tartness of the green apple that makes me like this salad – they are hard to eat while looking serious. 

See: I suppose this is because of the aforementioned nostalgia, but I was reminded of this hilarious poster from over a decade ago. Here’s the quick rundown. Shannon emails her neighbor David asking for a missing poster for her cat, Missy. In case you need a comforting word, don’t worry; the cat was found. But the request in the meantime takes twisty, silly, troll-y turns. I present to you Missing Missy.  

Do: This time of year makes me a dreamer, and I usually start to make my summer plan list around now. I did this the last summer I lived in New York and I had so much fun doing all the things I had wanted to do and were made infinitely easier by living there and not traveling in. Some of them were a bigger commitment (walk outside the Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue before dawn, like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s), others were smaller, like grabbing a slice of pizza from that place close to my subway stop that I never tried. You can make them as big or as small as you’d like or that you’re able at the moment. Maybe you missed last summer’s blockbuster movies since you weren’t going to theaters: sounds like the perfect time to see if they’re streaming. Or maybe you want to host a potluck in a park. Either way, you get to control the list, so you decide what level you’re up to, recruit some help or company if it’s more fun that way, and start popping dates in the calendar!

Have a green, hilarious, forward-facing weekend!