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Christina’s Corner: October 21, 2022

An open cookbook sits on a white countertop. A wooden cutting board and a gas stovetop are visible, just out of focus.

There are few things I like more than being cozy. Coziness is a state of mind: while we often think of cool weather and Hallmark movies, I’d argue it’s something you can find in warmer climates times as well. This weekend is about the pursuit of cozy: things that nourish us, make us feel comfortable, and bring a smile to our faces. 

Eat: I own a lot of cookbooks. It’s quite accidental, really: I had a Vegetarian Trader Joe’s cookbook in grad school, then got into making pies through the Waitress cookbook. Then I started to buy cookbooks from people I love on television, like Nadiya Hussain. Lately, I’ve been checking out cookbooks from the library to try something new without the commitment of purchasing it. I look for a few key things in my cookbook. The first is simple ingredients. It’s highly unlikely I’ll go out and search for one expensive ingredient for a recipe that requires only .25 teaspoons. The second is modification options. If the cookbook author mentions I can add whatever vegetables are about to turn in my fridge, or if I can use frozen instead of fresh ingredients, it’s way more likely I’ll use it and feel confident in my choice. Finally, I like cooks and chefs with personalities. Tell me the story behind your grandmother’s chocolate cake, and I’m far more likely to give it a whirl. So get that library card out and see what’s out there to explore. Let me know if you find something delightful. 

See: I had a late night this week as a result of my anxiety. (Anyone else?) While I worked through some tasks on my laptop, I turned on my TV and selected the show everyone is talking about. No, it’s not House of the Dragon – it’s Bluey. I don’t have children but I have a lot of friends with kids in my life, and they’ve all been raving about this Australian children’s TV show for its humor and depth of modeling empathy. I’m just a few episodes in, and let me tell you: I am hooked. The second episode of Season 1 is called “Hospital” and it basically sums up my issues with the medical system in 20 mins. You can watch a clip here. If you need something to watch with your children, or like me, something soothing and lovely to watch as you grapple with overwhelm, I highly recommend it!

Do: When was the last time you changed your phone lock screen? Maybe it’s a picture you took that you really love, a glimpse into a wonderful memory, or something else entirely. I try to be a bit seasonal with my selection, and I realized that I was still displaying a summer photo that I hadn’t given a second thought. I swapped it out for a snapshot from a recent hike, and bam! New phone feeling. I can’t explain it, but it was a lovely refresh. 

Have a great weekend!