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Christina’s Corner: October 28, 2022

Is anyone else, like me, slowing down a bit now that the hours of daylight are shrinking? I swear, my body gets the visual cue and is ready for hibernation (though you can keep your clock changing away from me, please and thank you.) It’s 7:30 and I’m ready to climb in bed! I’m desiring warm beverages and nesting even more than usual. I hope you have some cozy scheduled for your weekend, whether you’re hibernating or on the go.

Eat: I’m not a coffee drinker. I used to savor my morning cup- I made it with a French press in my college dorm and eventually set up my drip coffee maker with a programmed timer each evening as a working adult. But when a dozen doxil infusions took away my ability to enjoy the taste of it or tolerate it, I turned to tea. Fortunately, I’ve loved tea my whole life as well – but there just isn’t the same tea culture here in the US as there is in other parts of the world. This weekend, take some time to experiment and create your favorite morning beverage. Maybe it’s single-blend coffee in the biggest mug you can find with flavored creamer. Maybe you prefer a smoothie made with mango and banana, sipped with a metal straw. Or you could be one of those mythical hot water with lemon people in a glass mug that I’ve heard exist. Either way: you don’t know until you try. Send me an email or tag @CactusCancer on IG and let me know what your favorite morning sip is. 

See: This weekend, I challenge you to check out some art: painting, sculpture, modern, Renaissance – you name it, it counts! It doesn’t have to be in a museum, but if you’d like that, grab your mask and get lost in the halls. See if your local library has any works by students on display. There are a lot of wonderful outdoor museums as well to be enjoyed, like sculpture gardens or grounds where large-scale installations can live. (Storm King has been on my list for years!) Art doesn’t have to be stuffy or live inside the walls of hallowed or stuffy grounds: walk around a city near you and do a mural tour. Thanks to google, you can also make use of Museum Views all over the world. Check out what it would be like to walk around the Taj Mahal or the China Papercutting Museum. Do: On your next grocery trip or delivery, grab some non-perishables for your local food bank or pantry. If you have the means, consider doing this weekly leading up to Thanksgiving or other winter holidays you celebrate. One of my friends taught me this wonderful tip: donate cake mix and frosting, a bag of “fancy” cookies, or a box of really beautiful chocolates since families often forgo special occasion items in favor of other necessities. Donate items that are food allergen safe, because everyone has allergies. If you’re looking for a great guide for donations that you may not have considered, check out this guide from No Kid Hungry

Have a great weekend!