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Christina’s Corner: October 7, 2022

A plate of four tacos with lime slices sits on a table next to an orange Mexican soda.

Alright, folks. It’s October. How are we doing? Are we in a place where the leaves are turning colors and apple picking is forthcoming? Or are we noticing subtle transitions and maybe shaking things up with a light jacket here and there? Maybe you’re recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Ian – if that’s the case, my heart is with yours. Where ever you are, geographically, mentally, or emotionally: I hope this post keeps it light and maybe makes you smile. Have a great weekend.

Eat: Is there such thing as a bad taco? There are subpar tacos, sure, but even a bad taco is pretty decent. I’ve been playing around with different ingredients recently to spice up the good old black beans, peppers, and onions recently, and I stumbled on a recipe that uses cauliflower. I know, cauliflower: the veggie de jour that people use for everything from a pizza crust to rice. But hear me out. Roasted or cooked cauliflower is pretty delicious. It’s far from the raw addition to a lame veggie assortment (no shade if you like that kind of thing.) While I roasted my cauliflower because I wanted a bit of the crunch, here’s an easy recipe if you want to give it a try, using ingredients you might already have on hand.

See: Shameless plug: have you checked out the list of programs that we’re offering here at Cactus Cancer Society? We’ve got so much coming up: art workshops! Survivorship series! Unspoken Ink! Meditation with Mamma G with our friends at Elephants and Tea! I’ve been in the same position as you where I’ve thought “I’ll register tomorrow!” and then say the same the next day until the slots fill up. Get your registration in early friends! There is much fun to be had as the daylight hours become fewer and the nights become longer. Inject a little community time into your schedule.

Do: I was walking my dog last night and I bumped into a neighbor of mine. We don’t know each other super well, just a few 10 minute conversations here and there, but I noticed he had two card tables set up and was sitting with his son. “It’s our weekly pizza night,” he told me, “and we took it outside! Do you want a slice? We’ve got plain! We’ve got white pizza with broccoli!” I was so cheered by this easy, fun gesture. Before I arrived, there was a small group that had joined him. I love this idea of “if you build it, they will come.” I didn’t eat a slice (I had enjoyed my dinner just before the walk), but I enjoyed our conversation and meeting the other person who stopped by. I’m planning to borrow this easy and kind of innovative idea to meet safely with my neighbors in the next few weeks.

Have a great weekend!