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Christina’s Corner: September 1, 2023

Ah, September. Here we are. The August Blue Supermoon this week ushered us out of unofficial summer and into fall. For many of us, it won’t start to feel like fall for another several weeks; for others, it remains permanently kind of balmy. I will personally be clutching onto the summer until my knuckles are white, though perhaps you’re eagerly awaiting hoodies and rewatches of Hocus Pocus. Either way, I wish you an easy and simple transition into a new month, and here are a few suggestions that are just as uncomplicated and straightforward.

Eat: The Bear is quickly becoming a cultural and culinary touchstone. The show, which is on Hulu, centers on a young chef who takes over the family sandwich shop. I haven’t watched it, but from conversations with friends, anyone in the food service industry is likely to feel uncomfortably seen – allegedly, they get the culture just right. What I have paid attention to, however, are the recipes. I made the spaghetti from season one and would argue that there is just no better way to eat pasta than with that basil-infused olive oil, San Marzano sauce. Which is why my interest was piqued when I saw the omelet scene trending. Basically, it’s a combination of silky eggs, Boursin cheese, chives, and – here’s the surprise element – sour cream and onion potato chips crushed on top. It’s on my list to make this weekend, because I love different textures in a meal. (Crunchy chips? Yes please!) as well as all of those flavors. I simply haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

See: Speaking of food, I have a fondness for trying international snacks when I get the opportunity. What are the “standard” flavors of chips, sweets, and candies from other countries and cultures? This is what got me hooked on the short series Snack Wars produced by LADbible. They usually have film and television stars from outside of the USA try American snacks and then slightly comparable snacks from their home country. There’s nothing serious about it, and that’s the fun! It’s just silly content with enjoyable commentary. It certainly helps that they choose charismatic people like Tom Holland, Tiffany Haddish, and P!nk. Viewer beware: you may end up wanting to chow down on some snacks of your own after a few videos.

Do: This is a recommendation that is not my own, but for the life of me I can’t remember where I first heard it. The suggestion is to make a playlist for each month of the year, or seasonally, then fill it with songs you love, songs friends suggest, and/or some of your favorite new (to you) selections. Listen to it at different points as you go through your day: making breakfast, on car rides, as you exercise, or on walks. I find that it kind of reverse engineers memories because as you listen to it, you’re then living your life along with that music. Want to share yours with us? Email me at so I can add it to our Spotify!

Have a crunchy, snack-filled, and musical weekend,