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Christina’s Corner: September 16, 2022

A wooden crate filled with peaches sit in dappled sunlight.

Did you know the September Scaries are a real thing? In an article from the Washington Post, psychologist David Rakofsky shared “We hear it from patients and our friends and our colleagues — I think it’s a pretty normal thing… No one wants to say goodbye to a good time.” Here are some ways I’ve found recently that help me embrace this month instead of fearing it.

Eat: Even though we’re in September, it’s still peach season! There’s dozens of ways to enjoy them, but my favorite is peach cobbler. This recipe is super easy to adapt: while it’s written to be vegan, you make make it with dairy, or substitute in gluten-free flour if needed. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert – or have it for breakfast. I won’t tell.

See: Last week’s full moon had me thinking about the ways in which we sometimes pass under the sky without giving it attention. Next time you’re out when it’s dark, or if you have a good sightline from a window, take a peek up. To learn more about what you’re looking at, download a stargazing app. Even if you’re in an area with a lot of light pollution, you might be able to appreciate what’s just beyond your sight.

Do: If you’ve been wearing flip-flops all summer, there’s a good chance you’re hiding tension at the bottom of your tired feet. Get a tennis ball or a frozen plastic water bottle and roll it across the sole of your feet while doing something else like watching television. If you want to elevate the experience, put some lotion on your feet afterward. They’ll be sure to thank you.