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Christina’s Corner: September 23, 2022

A generous bowl of orange soup, speckled with greek herbs and red seasoning, rests atop two plates, one yellow and the larger one white. In the upper left corner are two smaller pumpkins.

This past week, Hurricane Fiona brought devastation to the island of Puerto Rico and flooding to other countries. It feels silly, in times like these, when the pandemic is still raging, and the impact of climate change can be felt, to think about what we will eat for dinner. But we need to nourish ourselves. We need spots of joy. We need something from which to glean comfort so we can continue to do the hard work of being human. This week, I encourage you to identify things that bring you joy and to run to them. 

Eat: It’s officially fall this week. You might live in a climate where this means a lot, or a little. But for me, it means time for soup. I love break out my crock pot this time of year and make batches of vegetarian chili or take a look at the forecast and plan for tomato soup if rain is promised. This past weekend, I made tasty corn chowder with the addition of curry powder for a little heat. Consider making some soup if that seems right to you, or just saving some recipes for later. Here’s one of my favorites, especially because it is so easy and I usually have the ingredients on hand. 

See: If you missed the chance to see a favorite band on tour this summer, or didn’t feel comfortable attending, see if there’s a recorded concert you can catch. There are some incredible ones available online or on Netflix. A few to get you started: Beyonce’s Homecoming, Nirvana’s Live at the Paramount, or the T.A.M.I. Show from 1964, featuring James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, The Beach Boys, and The Rolling Stones. Truly an epic lineup! And in case you missed it when it made the rounds a few weeks ago: Taylor Hawkins’ son playing drums at the Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins tribute at Wembley Stadium. Keep some tissues nearby. 

Do: I was reminded this weekend of how awesome it is to sit around a fire with friends. If you’re like me, and the idea of shorter days sends you into a tailspin, think about using or getting a firepit. Don’t have the space, or not wanting the responsibility right now? A lot of companies are making little tabletop ones. You can also mimic the warmth with candles, or if you’re in a space where open flames aren’t permitted, even battery-powered candles that flicker like real ones. They even have remote-operated ones so you can turn them on and off from a comfy spot.