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Christina’s Corner: September 9, 2022

A schoolbus rear with green trees, a blue sky, and fluffy clouds above.

September is in full swing. Students in the Northeast went back to school this past week, and in other parts of the country, kids have been at it for a while now. This week, I wanted advice about what to do from kids who returned to the classroom recently and have a glorious weekend ahead. Enter: my guest writer. Fresh out of his third day of school, I asked my 8-year-old neighbor to compile this list for you. And he’s got some great suggestions! I hope it puts you in touch with your inner third grader and puts a smile on your face – I know it did for me!

Eat: “Eat pie and candy and ice cream for dessert, but take a break from chocolate sometimes. It can give you a lot of zits. I’ve never had a zit. Look.”

See: “Go to the beach because it’s amazing. If you have kids, they’ll love it. If you don’t have kids, you’ll still love it. See if there’s a good aquarium. There might be a petting area where you can pet sting rays or jellyfish, but don’t worry, they’re not the stinging kind.”

Do: “If you have a backyard, try to clean it and stuff. If you don’t have time, you can always buy stuff! If you are into Pokemon, you can buy it. But before you buy it, make sure it’s cheap.”