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Being Darn Tough

The summer is almost gone!  Summer goals are wrapping up (we will revisit those) and school is starting.  Much of the blogosphere is getting ready to enter into the fall groove.  Entering into any groove when you are dealing with young adult cancer or a long term illness is hard though!  Your peer group goes one way…and you can feel oh-so-stuck going a different way.  Jealousy, isolation, sadness, anxiety…these are all feelings that are hard to contend with and difficult to trudge through but they are reasonable and rational feelings to experience when confronted by life-changing circumstances.

I find motivational quotes to be really helpful in staying true and tough…which is probably apparent from the multitude of motivational quotes that have found their way into Lacuna Loft pieces….like here, here, here, here, and here 🙂

Motivational quotes are fine and dandy but taking small steps, even itsy-bitsy steps, to find happiness, love, and the mindset of being darn tough to face your challenges head on is really important.  Don’t be too hard on yourself when the energy to get up and make a change just doesn’t feel available…but little by little we can all make our lives live-able and even great by altering our perception and attitude.  Take a walk, call a friend, make something, write a letter to yourself or someone else…these are all ways that could help you take charge and stay tough when life is hard.

Having a motto (probably goes along with my love of motivational quotes) helps me find that extra boost when I just don’t want to take action…even when I know that I will feel better if I do.  All year, my motto has been Darn Tough.  I even have a lovely pair of cozy socks sporting the same phrase.

What actions help you to feel better when life is weighing you down?  Do you have a motto or a phrase or a motivational quote that helps?

Here’s to being Darn Tough!