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Death With Dignity

I’ve seen this story all over the news for the past week and decided that I could no longer stay silent.  Lacuna Loft needed to add something to the cultural conversation here about allowing people to experience death with dignity…that everyone deserves the cancer community’s unconditional support regardless of your feelings on their choices.

A 29 year old woman, Brittany Maynard was diagnosed with a Stage IV Glioblastoma.  She has decided that she will end her life with dignity when the time is right for her.

I think that all should remember that this story is heartbreaking.  The death of a loved one, whether by natural causes or death with dignity, is heartbreaking.

My mother had this same cancer.  She lived 18 months past her diagnosis.  I’m not sure I would have agreed with her if she had made the same decision as Brittany but allowing my mother to die at her own pace was also the most difficult thing I have ever experienced.

To learn more about Brittany’s story follow this link.

Brittany, please know we are all behind you.