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DIY Art With Paint Swatches!

I really love DIY projects!  Some of my favorites are the ones that help to brighten up your home.  My family is also a little strapped for cash…a past cancer diagnosis, along with grad student incomes can do that to you.  This project meets both of those objectives: bright & colorful AND cheap 🙂

You know all of those beautiful paint swatches in the hardware store?  Well I recently found a blog post where those swatches were put to good use for some DIY crafting fun.  A dear friend of mine just moved all the way across the country (literally…from Connecticut to LA) and I figured that I could help make her new apartment feel like home from afar…because going out and visiting right now just isn’t an option. :)  Another awesome thing about this project is how low key it is.  There are very few materials that you need and the entire project can be assembled on a kitchen table with minimal physical effort.  If you are feeling tired from a chemo treatment but still want something to keep you busy, this is the project for you!  Here is how you can create your very own DIY paint swatch wall art!

I took a regular, 11×13 frame


I then assembled all of the pretty paint chips onto the paper insert from the frame


Using glue dots (1/2″ diameter), I adhered the paint chips carefully in place


The blog post where I found this project used vinyl letters to spell something out on the paint chip mosaic.  Instead, I found some great, blue, glitzy flowers


The gem in the center of the flower was too thick for the frame though so I removed it, and put some wrapped ribbon in its place.


I put everything back in the frame and voila!  🙂


What do you think?  What kinds of projects do you like doing?