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DIY Paw Print

diy paw print

I love simple, cheap, and memorable DIY projects.  This DIY paw print fits all of those check marks.

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am crazy about my pups.  Two rescues that light up my life with love and giddiness and fun.  Recently, I decided on my next tattoo.  I settled on a set of my dogs’ paw prints.  My husband bought a stamp pad safe for baby feet and I went to town!  I cornered one pup at a time, padded their left, front paw with ink, and attempted to get each pup to step onto a piece of paper (as opposed to my floor!).  After several attempts, I got the paw prints that I wanted.

You could frame paw prints of a dog or a cat.  You could also do the far more conventional approach of getting footprints from a baby!

To see the instructions, go here.