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Plush Monkey DIY craft

The folks over at A Beautiful Mess always have great DIY ideas.  They have certainly outdone themselves with this Secret Notes Monkey plush doll.  The project is fun, easy, and the perfect gift for kids.  The monkey requires a bit of fabric cutting, fabric sewing, and a touch of hand stitching…but the instructions from ABM are so easy to follow and they even provide a free, downloadable pattern!

Are you having a hard time and your kids always seem to be looking for something to keep their attention for more than 5 minutes?  Look no further!  The kiddos will have a blast writing secret notes to one another and putting them snuggly into the pocket of their little monkey.  Depending on the age of your kiddies, you could keep them involved by letting them help stich the face of their own adorable monkey!  If your kiddos are old enough, they could even try the project themselves!  Whether you’re looking for a project to keep yourself busy, or one for yourself and the kiddos, this DIY plush monkey seems to be the place to go 🙂  The little monkeys are the perfect child gift…whether for a kid needing comfort or just a new cute plush friend!

photo via A Beautiful Mess