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DIY Transfer T Shirt

Custom gifts are not only budget-friendly but also loving and from the heart.  What better way to show someone you appreciate their friendship than with something made just for them?!

A very close friend of mine is pregnant, so when I came across this diy transfer t shirt using instagram photos, I read through the whole post.  The end result is a super awesome t shirt and an adorable onesie too!  Not only is this diy easy, but all of the stuff that you need is cheap and not overly involved.  The possibilities with this project are endless!  I can envision a diy transfer t shirt being perfect for a new mama, a cancerversary, and more!  You could even get the kids involved.  They could each make their own, customized and personal shirt using a photo of their choosing.

Check out the full tutorial!

Would you try this diy transfer t shirt project?  Have you used diy transfer t shirts to document special occasions before?